Baucco Squad

Past Races

08/08/2020 USAT Age Group National Championships
07/25/2020 Dino Xterra Northern Indiana
06/21/2020 MOJO Triathlon
05/09/2020 Thunder in the Valley
04/25/2020 Tusk Tri
08/17/2019 DINO Southwestway Trail 5k 35 Overall, 5th Female
08/11/2019 USAT Age Group National Championships - Sprint 325
07/13/2019 XTerra Potato Creek 3rd Female Overall
05/11/2019 Thunder in the Valley Triathlon 3rd Overall

Stephanie Steider

Greenwood, Indiana

Main Focus
Bucket List Race70.3 Steelhead, anything in Southern Utah
Post-Race DrinkWheat beer or a chocolate milk shake

I've been an athlete for most of my life - basketball, volleyball, track, if it allowed me to always being moving I was game to try it. I started triathlon about 4 years ago because I wanted a different endurance challenge than just running. I truly fell in love with cycling through the process and enjoy the cadence of not just doing 1 form of motion for every workout.
Outside of triathlon, I work in business development in the tech field and spend my down time with my family & pets.