Baucco Squad

Upcoming Races

08/14/2020 Down & Dirty 5 Miler
09/05/2020 Leave No Trace Trail Half Marathon
09/06/2020 Minnehaha 10k
09/26/2020 Akron Marathon
10/17/2020 Chippewa Creek Half Marathon
11/07/2020 Bobcat Trail Half Marathon
11/21/2020 Dirty Dirty 15k

Past Races

07/25/2020 Burning River Endurance Run
06/20/2020 Muddy Paws 10/5/2 Miler
05/17/2020 Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon
03/28/2020 Flirt With Dirt 10k
02/09/2020 Dirty Love 15K
01/12/2020 Dirty Snowflake 12K
Race Recap
01/11/2020 Twilight Indoor Tri
Race Recap
4 AG
12/07/2019 Christmas Story 10K
Race Recap

Jason Feckler

Cleveland, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIM Hamburg
Post-Race DrinkNitro stout
Off-Day ActivityParks, video games.

Did short course for a couple of years, followed by a couple of years off. Getting back into the game.