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Upcoming Races

11/03/2019 NYC Marathon
10/13/2019 Ironman Louisville
08/25/2019 Ironman 70.3 Traverse City

Past Races

05/19/2019 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga 8/69 AG; 168/966 Women; 775/2769 OA
04/15/2019 Boston Marathon 14485th OA, 109/5104 AG
03/17/2019 Publix Atlanta Half Marathon 1/108 AG; 64/2567 FOA; 315/5016 OA
11/22/2018 Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon 1/129 AG, 3/444 GM, 87/2577 Women; 490/5440 OA
10/28/2018 USATF 15K Masters Championship 5th AG
09/23/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta 14/68 AG, 249/989 Women, 984/2740 OA
07/15/2018 Presque Isle Half Marathon 1st AG, 155/1074 OA
06/03/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria 12/44 AG, 179/551 Women, 703/1501 OA
04/29/2018 USATF 10K Masters Championship 120/256 OA, 25/92 FOA, 4/15 AG
04/16/2018 Boston Marathon 89/669 AG, 5286/11604 Women; 14394/25746 OA
02/04/2018 Hot Chocolate 15K 1st AG/96; 44/1713 Women; 133/2421 OA (Ran as a tempo run @MP)
01/06/2018 Red Nose Half Marathon, Columbus, GA 2nd AG, 157/719 OA
09/24/2017 Ironman 70.3 Augusta DQ (made wrong turn on run, ran 1 miles, but over a mat 2x)
07/08/2017 Ironman 70.3 Muncie 10th AG; 148/519 Women; 637/1448 Overall
04/17/2017 Boston Marathon 11910/26411; 3835/11973; 42nd AG
12/10/2016 USATF XC Club Nationals 51st (Age Graded 72%)
11/24/2016 Atlanta Half Maraton Goal was to pace a friend under 2 - but we missed it due to the humid and warm weather.
10/16/2016 Columbus Marathon 3rd AG!
09/24/2016 Akron Marathon 1:45:57 4th AG, 325/3472 overall, 74/1951 Women
08/21/2016 IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio 6:08:11 19th AG
07/17/2016 Presque Isle Half Marathon 1:50:38 1/63 AG; 98/839 Women; 303/1361 Overall
07/02/2016 A Tri In the Buff 2:36:09 4th AG; No swim two run portions.
04/18/2016 Boston Marathon 3:56:01
03/20/2016 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon 1:39:49
12/05/2015 A Christmas Story House 10k 44:48
11/01/2015 NYC Marathon 4:07:07
10/18/2015 Columbus Marathon 3:38:41
07/19/2015 Presque Isle Half Marathon 1:48:13
04/26/2015 Glass City Marathon 1:43:02
03/15/2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon 1:41:51
11/02/2014 NYC Marathon 3:49:42
04/21/2014 Boston Marathon 3:51:44

Michele Keane

Atlanta, Georgia |

Main FocusMarathons, Half Marathons, Half Ironman
Bucket List RaceIM 140.6
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivityReading and hanging out
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?I believe that initially I hooked up with the Baucco Squad through the encouragement of folks from the Cleveland Tri Club. I was ( and still feel like I am) totally new to the triathlon world and it seemed like a good fit and a good idea to have a coach. I have loved working with Lesley as I am one of those athletes who responds well to a plan and likes to be able to bounce ideas of a person rather than just follow a printed workout list. I really feel like I have made tremendous progress and working with a coach keeps me accountable.

I've been a competitive AG runner since the early 1980s, but was a competitive swimmer in high school & college. I ran my 50th marathon at Boston in 2016 and I'm hoping to keep up my streak there (6 yrs in a row so far). I'm a Mom to one daughter who graduated from college this past May and lives outside Nashville, married for 30+ years to John who tolerates my habits, and I still work part-time as a chemical engineer. I live part time in Atlanta, GA (winter), Bay Village, OH (spring and fall), and Chautauqua, NY (where the hills sing my name). Loving the three sport training and hoping to improve!

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