Past Races

10/11/2020 Ironman Louisville
05/31/2020 American Triple T
05/30/2020 American Triple T
05/29/2020 American Triple T
05/29/2020 American Triple T
08/19/2018 Ironman Mont Tremblant
06/01/2016 American Triple T Olympic

Jake Smith

Troy, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Road Running, Trail Running
Bucket List RaceBoston Marathon, Kona
Post-Race DrinkIPA, then Bourbon
Off-Day ActivityLots of mobility work!

Husband, father of 3 kids (8, 6, and 4). I have been doing triathlon's for about 8 years. In our house it is a family thing. My wife runs and does them also and our oldest has started as well. Back spasms have left me mostly sidelined for the last couple years (a couple races only) but 2023 is going to be my full return.