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07/09/2022 Hayden Tri
08/27/2022 Priest Lake Tri
09/10/2022 Smokechaser

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05/01/2022 Bloomsday

Nick Weber

Moses Lake, Washington

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceCDA 70.3
Post-Race DrinkCoffee

I got into triathlon on a bit of a dare after seeing a banner for a pool sprint at the local rec center. By the time I crossed the finish line I was hooked! I spent my first season dog paddling through swims, churning along on my mountain bike, and stumbling through the run in shoes that fit poorly and did not match my body or running style. I was fortunate to be selected to attend the Team RWB Tri Camp the next spring where I met my community of tri nerds and met the coach who took me from stumbling and bumbling through sprints to completing my first 70.3. Since that race, triathlon has taken a back seat to family and work but I've still managed to get at least one race in a year since then. With some recent weight loss and work flexibility I'm ready to get back on the course more focused, more balanced, and more fun!