Mark Fischer

Mentor, Ohio

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceFull Ironman
Post-Race DrinkProtein shake followed by a good IPA or 2.

Where to start... well, hopefully I wont make this too long.
Brief background about myself. I raced motocross from about 5 years old until roughly 18. Was a few steps from turning pro but didn't quite make it so I followed in my father and grand fathers foot steps and pursued construction right out of high school to save some money for college (that was 16 years ago). Ended up getting heavily involved with concrete and bridges and doing very well for myself. That went on for about 10 years and then I had an opportunity to move up the ranks and work in the office as an estimator/PM. Took that job in 2013 and was doing well and having a chance to learn both sides of construction (field and office) which was awesome. So, where triathlon comes into the picture, by the end of 2014 I had put on an embarrassing 50-60 pounds due to working in the office now and not the field and not paying attention to my diet. Something needed to change. So my buddy and I had a crazy idea to try a sprint triathlon (which I couldn't even run a mile at the time) and we both had a little background of swimming and I did cycle quite a bit throughout my motocross career, so as a competitor most my life we figured we would give triathlon a try. Did my first sprint in 2015 and was hooked. Then did a few years of sprint tris and then a couple OLY followed by a 70.3 (Barrelman) in 2017 and 2018. Lately though, I've come to realize I'm ready to make the next step and get more serious as I would like to start placing better. I've noticed I love to help others succeed by giving them tons of encouragement and motivation, but I tend to forget about myself. I'm one of the biggest non selfish person you may ever meet. That's how I was raised and wouldn't change it for the world. I will push all my friends and family to do sign up for tris and rides and totally forget about myself at times. But I think I am ready to make a change and focus on myself a little more while continuing to push and encourage others along the way. I love to succeed and I'm a super motivated person so I'm ready to take my motivation to triathlon.