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01/05/2020 LifeTime Fitness Indoor Tri

Frances Caggiano-Swenson

Lk Hopatcong, New Jersey |

Main FocusTriathlon

So why? As I spun on the trainer this morning before my work day started, it occurred to me. It used to be to outrun the “made fun of 12 year old” – it used to be to prove to myself my own strength.

Now, it is normalcy. It is something to focus on. It gives my day structure. A reminder that good things come from grit and determination to do the “not fun stuff.”

When I was training for Roth, a friend (who has since past away from her battle with throat cancer) sent me an encouragement letter with a race medal she earned that she wanted me to have. To quote her letter: “Few people realize the hard part is found [in] the middle. The grueling tough days filled with exhaustion, pain, doubt, fear and sometimes discouragement.”

On one side of the medal there is a quote: Peace is at the finish line.