Past Races

11/22/2020 Ironman Cozumel
10/03/2020 Memphis Half Ironman
09/13/2020 Capex Triathlon
08/23/2020 Odyssey swim/run
08/22/2020 Swim Across America - 2.4 miles
07/19/2020 Ironman 70.3 Mussleman

Mayra Gonzalez

Beachwood, Ohio

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIM Cozumel, Escape of Alcatraz, Chicago Tri, Kona
Post-Race Drinkprotein milk and beer

I'm a Marketer by profession. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I moved to the US on August of 2011, due to a job and career opportunity with my former employer, so I moved as an expat to Kingsport, TN, in East TN. I lived there 3 years, and I discovered triathlon there while I was finishing 9 months of physical therapy of my left knee, I had ACL surgery in 2013. I did my first pool sprint in 2014 in knoxville, TN. That same year I moved to St. Louis, MO, with the same employer to take another career opportunity at that point I was already intrigued with Triathlon and I signed up for my second sprint and first open water triathlon. After that I joined the local club and I loved the camaraderie and the social aspect of it, I made great friends there. In 2015 I did my first Olympic and several sprints, and in 2016, I thought that the logical step was to sign up for a 70.3, so I did steelhead, and in 2017 the next logical step was 140.6, so I became an Ironman in Madison, Wiscounsin. Last year, in 2018, I had to move to Clevelando area for a job opportunity with a new company and I joined CTC last year. I'm currently recovering of my second ACL surgery (different knee) this time, after a skiing accident in the Frech Alps in January, I've been cross training physical therapy with Ironman training, as my A race this year is Ironman Florida, and I'm hoping I can cross the line of my third Ironman and that counts me to continiue with my journey on the legacy program to Kona