Baucco Squad

Past Races

10/18/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Waco
08/23/2020 Rocketman Triathlon
06/13/2020 Wet Dog Triathlon
05/17/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

Andrew Chaloupka

Madison, Alabama

Main Focus
Bucket List Race70.3 Worlds 2021
Post-Race DrinkCold Brew Coffee!

I have done cycling on and off since I was about 10 years old then got interested in competitive running. Shortly after I got interested in triathlon and have never looked back! Depending on the year and my time commitments I have to decide on what races I can participate in. Some years I have been more focused on triathlon and some years more focused on cycling. Here is a brief summary of the last few years. For 2018 I pursued many sprint/Olympic distance triathlons and one 70.3 with the goal of improving my swim form, maintain or improve my running endurance and ultimately improve the bike split. My plans for 2019 were pretty similar but including an additional 70.3 and a 140.6. The 140.6 went very well aside from the 95f + degree weather! I took 12th in my AG and just over 100 place for IM Chattanooga. My 2:30 hour cycling power and 13.1 times off the bike are significantly more competitive at the 70.3 distance. For 2020 I plan to go back to the 70.3 distance, improve my swim efficiency, further develop my cycling and improve my off the bike running with the ultimate goal of 70.3 Worlds. In the local community I am dedicated to promoting cycling and triathlon events. I volunteer at all the major youth events as well as am a lead for our Tuesday Night Brick triathlon group. I love helping others get into the sport that has made such an impact to my life and want to continue to pay it forward.