Baucco Squad

Past Races

02/09/2020 Mandel Indoor Triathlon
Race Recap
01/26/2020 Swim Meet 1st in all races

Greg Pristov

Madison, Ohio

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceFull Iron Distance/I enjoy the idea of the Super League format
Post-Race DrinkBeer or Gatorade

Former collegiate swimmer. Began swimming again in 2018 to lose weight. Shortly after, I began training for my triathlon and fell in love with it. I am a husband and father, so most of my training occurs at home in the early hours (alarms at 3:30 am). Even though I train at home, I dont feel as though I am held back or at a disadvantage. I have a treadmill, bike trainer, vasa trainer, full weight set including straight bar and squat rack, battle roads, along with other various fitness equipment.

Even though I am now a triathlete, i still enjoy competing in the pool/open water and running races.

My longest race to date was 2019 Ohio 70.3