Baucco Squad

Upcoming Races

06/09/2019 Ironman Boulder
05/11/2019 Ironman Santa Rosa

Past Races

11/04/2018 West Side Best Side 5K 33 OA
09/29/2018 Bear Chase 50 Miler 5th AG, 10th OA
07/08/2018 Leadville- Silver Rush 50 33/102 AG, 75/400 OA
06/24/2018 Boulder Sunrise Triathlon 1st AG, 15th OA
05/28/2018 BolderBoulder 21st AG, 969 OA
11/19/2017 IRONMAN Arizona
Race Recap
31th AG, 169 OA
09/17/2017 5430 Triathlon
Race Recap
6th AG, 30th OA
08/05/2017 Ironman Boulder 70.3
Race Recap
25th AG, 200th OA
06/25/2017 Tri the Boat 70.3 (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Race Recap
2nd AG, 11th OA
10/02/2016 Ironman Cozumel 70.3 18th in AG, 116 OA
09/18/2016 Harvest Moon Boulder 70.3 8 in AG, 35th OA
07/10/2016 Vineman 70.3 52 in AG, 328 OA
06/26/2016 Tri the Boat 70.3 3 in AG, 17 OA
11/29/2015 Ironman Cozumel 71 in AG, 339 OA
10/17/2015 Ironman Maryland (Swim 800m short) 56 in AG, 273 OA

Aaron Monroe

Castle Rock , Colorado | n/a

Main FocusMainly Long Distance Tri's
Bucket List RaceChallenge Roth, Kona, Ironman New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkI prefer a cold Mexican beer with salt and some lime.
Off-Day ActivityWatching Peppa Pig, wrestling with my rugrats, and trying to learn how to just relax.

Colorado native, husband of one, dad of five, trail-runner morphed into triathlete, enjoys tattoos and stouts in the winter.
Couldn't swim a lap about 4 years ago and didn't own a bike. Finished 5 Ironman's and 13 70.3's, along with 2 50 mile trail running ultras. Have 2 Ironman's on the books for 2019, Santa Rosa and Boulder!

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