Past Races

05/24/2018 NC Beer Mile 98
05/05/2018 Wildflower Triathlon 7:02:22
04/21/2018 Raspitutsa 40ish mile gravel ride 4:18:29
04/16/2018 Boston Marathon 4:37
10/22/2017 Challenge Aruba 8/14 GA, 53/113 OA, 44/90 Men
08/20/2017 Cranberry Trifest 111/511 OA, 12/37 AG
07/29/2017 Ironman Santa Rosa N/A
06/17/2017 Patriot Half Freetown MA Div 34/64, OA 198/598
06/03/2017 Rev3 Quassy OA 143/573 AG 18/64 Gender 122/359
04/22/2017 Rasputitsa I don't know
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Art Hochthurn

Durham, New Hampshire

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman New Zealand
Post-Race DrinkGenerally a beer after a few minutes.

Started Triathlon about 8 years ago with the hope to lose weight. It didn't happen. You can't out exercise a shit diet. However I found I enjoyed triathlon and kept doing it. I have a dry emotionless sense of humor that makes people wonder about me. I'm OK with that. I don't like long walks on the beach, beaches are for sitting on and drinking. Unless you are in the water. However I will enjoy a beer or frozen rum drink on the beach, and yes, I want the umbrella in the drink too. I have basically left this section that same every year. I am not creative enough to write new shit each year. I am not that interesting.