Past Races

08/22/2021 Tri CLE Rock and Roll Run
06/13/2021 Twinsburg Duathlon

Hector Fontanet

Macedonia, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkCold Coke
Off-Day ActivityPlaying with the kids

In 2019 I decided i needed to do something about my weight which had drifted up ever since we had our first kid. I am 5'11" and weighted 245lbs back then. My Older brother who is an avid Triathlete challenge my family to do a 70.3 Ironman that was being held 2 hours from where I live. He even had us do a relay type so that it would be too much for one person in the short period (7 mo.) to the event. I started dieting and running using coach to 5k (never really was a runner) eventually started doing longer runs (with some ITB issues along the way). FInally by the time the event came along I had dropped roughly 55lbs. Ran the half-marathon in about 2:32 (longest i ever ran...). For 2020 I had registered for my first full triathlon, an Olympic distance but we all know how that went... Still waiting to do my first triathlon when all this settles down but at this point has been more than 1 year after my 70.3 Ironman Relay race and I have managed to not only keep the weight off but also loose an additional 5lbs. I have been doing most of my training on the bike these days to keep the ITB happy and pools have been closed for the most part but cant wait to get in a training routing again and actually do my first triathlon.