Baucco Squad

Tim Wendt


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List RaceKona
Post-Race DrinkGet me hydrated and fed first. Then just about anything :)
Off-Day ActivityRest day? Where is my rest muscle and how do I train it?!

Helped start the triathlon club, and was a former vice president of it, at Grand Valley State U. Did a bunch of triathlons around/just after college '05-09, as well as the 25K in Grand rapids 5 times. That was awesome. After taking a few years off, getting married, starting a family... I started running again then had a nasty broken ankle in Aug '18. A plate, 7 screws, spiral fracture and full syndesmotic rupture... After not waking for 3 months I was so happy to start working out, and haven't stopped since! Did my first 2 70.3 races last year, and even set a personal best for an Olympic tri (2:14, very early in the season). My swim for Lake placid 70.3 was a 1:26/100 pace, my 20min bike ftp was 314W last week, and earlier this year I almost went sub 19min again in my 5k. Just this year I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism- still trying to figure that nonsense out, and mainly my running too a hit because of it. But hey, I still love training. I've been training with an absolutely amazing training platform, Tridot, and I'm now one of their brand ambassadors. I live in the Cleveland area, and I've seen you guys talked about on the CTC Facebook page. That's how I came to know of this application.
I was going to do IMCHOO this year, but, you know, covid...