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11/30/2015 Ironman Cozumel
11/01/2015 Cayman Islands Triathlon
10/25/2015 Ironman Miami 70.3
09/12/2015 Challenge Cedar Point
06/07/2015 Cayman Islands Duathlon
05/03/2015 Cayman May Classics - 10mile TT
04/12/2015 Ironman 70.3 Florida DNF :-(
01/19/2015 Mercuryman 70.3 6:15
12/03/2014 Cayman Islands Marathon 1:53
11/01/2014 Ironman Florida 10:40
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Daniel Cummings

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Main FocusTriathlon
Post-Race DrinkMargaritas
Off-Day ActivityCouching
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?I found the ethos of AJB Coaching and my goals align perfectly. Basically I really am looking to improve on a personal level but measured through racing as I enjoy the competitiveness I have with myself!!! Their holistic, calculated approach is what I am looking for – I want to train, utilize the tools & techniques and analyze metrics the same way a pro would, but for personal gains on an amateur level.

I am relatively new to triathlon, only having take the leap 18 months ago. I was always into sports, mainly martial arts and soccer, competing at the highest levels of both. In 2013, a foot injury was going to keep me, sidelined for several months, so to keep my fitness, I started swimming & biking training with a friend who was doing a full-distance Ironman, and when the foot healed, I was enjoying it so much I just decided to stick with it and forge my own triathlon journey!

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