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12/14/2019 Challenge Daytona

Past Races

04/27/2019 Ironman Texas
Race Recap
111 AG
01/20/2019 Warm up Sprint Tri 9/14 AG
12/08/2018 Challenge Daytona 43/59 AG
10/14/2018 Guardian Group Sprint, Aruba 5/12 AG
09/02/2018 Guardian Group National Duathlon 1:25:37
06/24/2018 Aruba International Olympic Triathlon
Race Recap
06/03/2018 KLM Aruba Marathon OA 108/134
04/28/2018 IRONMAN Texas 210 AG / 1587 OA
01/27/2018 Warm up Sprint Triathlon
Race Recap
4/15 AG
01/25/2018 Betico Memorial 10K run 10 out of 25 AG

Marlon Jansen

Paradera, Aruba

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceChallenge Roth, IM Lake Placid and in the far future by way of a miracle Kona.
Post-Race DrinkCoca Cola first, Beer Later
Off-Day ActivityMostly spend time with the family. Relax

I've been a soccer player since I can remember. After an ACL injury I began long distance running as a way to stay active, which later turned to triathlons in 2012. I haven't looked back since then. While I'm nowhere near fast enough to qualify for anything, I'm content with staying in the middle of the pack, as I'm trying to balance being a husband, father of two young boys (9 & 4) and the state's legal representative by day. Whatever time (and money) is left after that, will go to this crazy journey called triathlon.

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