Baucco Squad

Upcoming Races

06/12/2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman
08/07/2022 Ironman Alaska

Past Races

10/24/2021 70.3 Ironman Waco, TX 46 AG / 309 G / 395 O

Merrick Madsen

Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Hiking
Bucket List RaceIRONNMAN 70.3 World Championship
Off-Day Activity Long walks with our two dogs

My name is Merrick Madsen, and I'm a tall (6’5”) and lanky 26-year old former hockey goalie that has recently gotten into triathlons, and I'm looking to get into training and competing in more of them in the coming years!

I played hockey in college, and had been playing my second year of professional hockey in North America when the season was abruptly cancelled due to Covid-19. While I potentially could have found a way to continue my career either in Europe or North America for the following season, I ultimately decided to retire given the number of injuries I had accumulated by that point. I had a plethora of hip issues that led to several major surgeries, as well as two more major concussions.

Once I knew hockey was in the rear view and I had some time to recover from my injuries, the cravings to get back into physical activity had crept up on me. My wife, Haley, had recently decided to get into cycling during the pandemic on her own, and I eventually joined her on some rides to feed the craving. By the end of the summer we were training in all three triathlon events, mostly driven by Haley's motivation to get into tris.

That fall, Haley ended up joining a local all-girls triathlon team and hired a coach for the 2021 season. I was more hesitant to get super into triathlon training mostly because I was nervous that I would struggle with my hip, so I decided to just stick it out for my first season with just a TrainingPeaks program that I found online. As events started popping up a bit more, we decided to do a single half-distance event for our first season to get our feet wet: IRONMAN 70.3 Waco in October of 2021.

In the six months leading up to the event, I was proud for how we stuck through our 10+ hours/week training programs through some tough entry-level jobs and not a lot of free time. Through those months of training, triathlonsbecame as much of our DNA as nearly anything else in our lives at this point, and we were really enjoying every moment of it. And most of all, I was thrilled with how few issues I was experiencing with my body given the hip surgeries and concussions.

IRONMAN 70.3 Waco ended up being a huge success for both of us, and I ended up really enjoying our first triathlon season. So after having a positive first season, I decided that I wanted to stay doing triathlons moving forward, and tackle a full-distance IRONMAN in 2022. Alongside that, after seeing Haley enjoy everything about being on a tri team, I spent some time to try and seek out a team that was worth joining. I ended up appling for only one triathlon team (this one), and I now couldn't be more excited to move into 2022 and beyond with the Baucco Squad!