Past Races

09/30/2023 Last Call Triathlon
07/30/2023 Ironman 70.3 Maine
07/16/2023 Boulder Peak Triathlon
06/25/2023 Boulder Sunrise Triathlon
05/07/2023 Colorado Marathon
09/17/2022 Sunapee Triathlon 2 AG / 19 G / 24 O
08/07/2022 Ironman Alaska 17 AG / 238 G / 325 O
06/11/2022 Harvest Triathlon
Race Recap
2 AG / 15 G / 17 O
10/24/2021 70.3 Ironman Waco 46 AG / 309 G / 395 O

Merrick Madsen

Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List RaceIRONNMAN 70.3 World Championship
Post-Race DrinkSkratch Recovery shake
Off-Day Activity Long walks with our two dogs

My name is Merrick Madsen, and I'm a tall (6’5”) and lanky 26-year old former hockey goalie that has recently gotten into triathlons, and I'm looking to get into training and competing in more of them in the coming years!

I played hockey in college, and had been playing my second year of professional hockey in North America when the season was abruptly cancelled due to Covid-19. While I potentially could have found a way to continue my career either in Europe or North America for the following season, I ultimately decided to retire given the number of injuries I had accumulated by that point. I had a plethora of hip issues that led to several major surgeries, as well as two more major concussions.

Once I knew hockey was in the rear view and I had some time to recover from my injuries, the cravings to get back into physical activity had crept up on me. My wife, Haley, had recently decided to get into cycling during the pandemic on her own, and I eventually joined her on some rides to feed the craving. By the end of the summer we were training in all three triathlon events, and looking for some triathlon events to get into.

IRONMAN 70.3 Waco in the fall of 2021 ended up being our first event, and while it was definitely not easy, we ultimately fell in love with the sport. So after having a positive first season of training and a race, I decided that I wanted to stay doing triathlons moving forward, looking to tackle a full-distance IRONMAN in 2022, as well as sprint and Olympic-distance races. Looking forward to what's ahead!