Baucco Squad

Past Races

08/17/2019 Dino Trail Run: Southwest Way 26th Overall, 4th Age Group
07/28/2019 Tri Indy 86th Overall, 7th Age Group
05/11/2019 Thunder in the Valley Triathlon 16th Overall, 3rd Age Group
07/29/2018 Tri Indy 99th Overall, 15th Age Group
07/14/2018 Xterra Potato Creek 64th Overall, 7th Age Group
05/12/2018 Thunder in the Valley Triathlon 38th Overall, 4th Age Group
04/21/2018 Tusk Tri 11th Overall, 3rd Age Group

Chad Steider

Greenwood, Alabama

Bucket List RaceSt Croix
Post-Race DrinkBeer

I started triathlon 3 yrs ago after my wife got into the sport. I've just made the jump to olympic distance racing with the plan to jump to the 70.3 distance within the next year or so.

Outside of triathlon, I work as a Sales Engineer calling on customers in Indiana and Western Michigan. I grew up in Pittsburgh and am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. When I'm not training, my life pretty much revolves around watching hockey.

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