Triathlon Coaching

Whether preparing for your first triathlon or trying to Kona qualify, our team's coaches know exactly what it takes to get there. Coaching relationships are partnerships, so our coaches take the time to get to know you. Your training plan is dynamic and unique, and our coaches are responsive and adaptive. They work with you to plan consistent training that is sustainable amidst your busy life. Their goal is to get you to the starting line physically and mentally prepared, without injury, all while making sure that the journey is as rewarding as the finish.

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What is included?

Our coaches will get to know each new athlete through an athlete questionnaire, initial conversations, and analysis of past training and racing data.

Season Planning & Daily Workout Scheduling
A long term periodization plan will be shared with each athlete. It will provide the athlete with information on how fitness will be built throughout the season. It outlines volume and intensity benchmarks for each week in a cycle. Our coaches will then create daily workouts that satisfy the goals for each week, and they will upload those workouts into each athlete's Training Peaks account.

Mobility, Flexibility and Strength
Keeping each athlete injury-free is always a priority. In addition to endurance building workouts, our coaches are also able to prescribe sessions that increase mobility and flexibility, as well as building sport specific strength.

Heart Rate Testing & Analysis
Initially, our coaches set very specific heart rate zones based on testing. Throughout the season, they analyze each athlete's heart rate data from workouts and races. They then update heart rate zones as necessary.

Race Fueling Plans
These plans are developed for all race distances and are specific to the athlete's sweat rate and caloric needs. After executing a "sweat test", our coaches analyze the results to determine accurate hydration needs. They then use an estimate of an athlete's lean body mass to calculate accurate caloric needs. The Race Fueling Plans include specific instructions for exactly what to eat and drink on race day. This plan is monitored throughout the year and is altered based on feedback from races.

Race Pacing Plans
Our coaches give specific pacing instructions for each race on an athlete's schedule. All pacing plans are based off heart rate, pace, and power (if applicable). Our coaches leave nothing to chance on race day!

Unlimited Communication & Rescheduling
There are no restrictions placed on the amount of communication, or type of communication, that an athlete may have with his/her coach. Our clients dictate what communication style works best for them. Daily workouts and/or season plans can be changed at any time at the athlete's request.

Training & Racing Feedback
Feedback is given on any training session where instruction and/or encouragement is warranted, or when the athlete asks a question in their workout comments. Each race effort is also analyzed by our coaches. Race feedback typically comes in the form of an email response, a voice recording, or a phone conversation.

Video Analysis
Athletes are encouraged to send their coach video for analysis. While our coaches are prepared to analyze an athlete's form in any of the three disciplines, swim video analysis typically occurs the most frequently.

What is the cost?

Start Up Fee: $95
This one-time payment is due before an athlete's start date. It covers much of the initial work needed to get a new athlete started with coaching. This includes initial phone conversations, season planning, athlete testing, and more.

Ongoing Fee: $295 every 4 weeks

Notice: A 30-day notice is required to terminate all services. Any balance outstanding through the date of termination will be owed.

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