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Ironman Maryland

October 03, 2019 - Very Happy to be an Ironman?? Looking back now after a few days after the only thing I would have done different is get out of transition a little faster, and maybe not be so lazy on the run.

Well I guess the way to start this recap is the swim


The swim was self seated I put myself right where Rob and I talked about. 

I had a bit of anxiety going in because of all the Jellyfish that we’re out there. (I was stung about 12 times)

I went out a little hard caught the people in front of me got my goggles pulled off and filled with water. I tried to clear but was in a large group of swimmers.

At that point HR started to spike had a little anxiety so I thought the best thing was to hold a kayak fix my goggles and get the HR Down. (Rob drove get that HR down in my head??) that was in the first 500. After that I had a perfect swim. Found a good line and swam my race. 

I entered into transition within a minute of the time I was expecting. 

 In transition thought again was to keep a low HR. 




Again with HR top priority I went off. I was able to push my watts a bit higher than Rob and I talked about but maintained the HR we had talked about Pre race.  My bike was exactly what I had expected. (My favorite part of the race)


T-2 again slow manage HR get hydration/nutrition in. 




Had some foot problems that I had never felt on any long rides. (Weird because I rode all of my long rides a good bit harder than I did for the race)


I was able to shake it off and start moving. Started feeling pretty good with the run walk that Rob had prescribed. 

It got pretty hot on the run so I did what I could. I figured it was going to take a bit of time so I knew what to expect. I got tired of the gels so went bananas. Had to stop at my special needs and grab a pickle juice to get rid of the little bit of cramping I was starting to feel. 


I finished the run about 15 minutes or so longer than I thought it would take but still felt great about it. 


I guess to summarize this race : 

Coach Rob gave me the training program that I needed. 

He also gave me the perfect race plan to complete my first Ironman 

All that I had to do was listen and execute!



For these reasons 

I had a great first experience with Ironman  

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