Cement Shoes

I'll know better next year!

It was a great experience but there were a lot of take aways from this race.  First one being, boots are not necessary in snow shoes.  Second being, wearing snow shoes only a year prior as a first does not constitute as training.  Lastly, determine at the start if you are going to run your own race or wait for your partner; I do enjoy spending time with him but....

From the onset, it was an exersion of will and endurance but as I started to warm up, I got easier and I started to make gains in passing my competition.   When I got to the first road crossing, I noticed I had left Cornel behind and made the decision to wait.  At that point, everything slowed and there was more walking than I would have liked but we got to experience this new experience together.  After all, I had convinced him to do this and why do 4k when we could do 8.  

I'm not sure if it was my gait or the shoes themselves but my boots began filling up with snow, which then turned to water and I could feel it swoosh to the direction of my foot.  The last 2k was gruelling as I think I added an extra few pounds to what already felt like cement shoes.  The race concluded in the sugar shack with a warm fire and a hot mug (compliments of race) of soup.

Looking forward to next year where I'll wear my trail shoes and gators.  

Happy trails my friends!

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