Baucco Squad

CdA "The Furnace"

June 29, 2021 - Good day out, stuck to plan. Tough course, super hot but came away in a good place having got most out of the race.

CdA 2021 - forecast hi 102deg. Was reading that before noon...made for a fun day.


Beautiful location, great swim, scenic course but it's a tough one. Put up a solid 59' swim working with some guys - do this if you can. First time I've managed to make it stick and saved a ton of energy. 2 laps, in and out, on to t1.

T1/bike: nothing much to report, suit up and go. Used glasses instead of aero visor for more airflow in the heat. Bike course is a grind: 5000+ft elevation gain, doesn't feel like  you get a "fair" downhill boost so it's a long day out. Held power pretty constant, and while split was slower than expected it was a good, measured effort.

T2: took a few mins to get all my "cooling" accessories - sleeves, headband, hat etc. Very consistent run through about mile 20 when the legs started fading. Made a lot of progress on the field as people blew up - slow and steady was the theme for the day. Used as much ice as possible!

All in all it was a hard, hard day. tough on the body, tough mentally - but it's supposed to be, its an IM. Triple digit temps meant it was always going to be a battle of attrition and patience paid dividends into the back of the run.

Last time out 10:09 would have been good enough for the AG podium; faster field this time but 34th overall from the 2100 starters is a good day out, and nailed that Kona slot so hard to see it as anything but a success. Huge props to Coach Cam and everyone for helping out, I think there were a few other B-Squad shirts out there so hope everyone nailed it!



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