Baucco Squad

Steelhead 2021

Swim was canceled, weather forecast was very different than actual conditions

It was my first triathlon in 5 years. It wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but I will probably never cross the line as fast as I'd like, lol.

It was a brutal day with 25 mph wind that canceled the swim. They couldn't put the kayaks in the water for support.

The bike started out with overcast skies and wet roads. The wind was at our back as we road from Benton Harbor to South Haven. There was debris all over the road because it had stormed about 3 hours before the race started. When we got to South Haven, there was a U-turn and we headed back to Benton Harbor all on highway M-63. It was 22+ miles all into that 25 mph headwind.

It was supposed to be a cloudy, rainy day in the low to mid 70s and the sun came out on the bike. The temperature was mid 80s and humidity was 92%. That made running tough. But I did it, learned a few things, and have more to do still this year.

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