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First Race Of 2016

2016 Millheim Sprint - Race Report

Change of race plans but still a race! I wound up registering for the Millheim Sprint Triathlon. The race consist of a 300 yard pool swim, 15.3 mile bike and 3.1 mile run.

The swim consisted of 2 lengths per each of the 6 lanes with swimmer taking off at 30 second increments. Unfortunately, even though being in 4:15-20 shape, I had to start after all pre-registered and seeded swimmers as the timer  had already seeded them. So based on my number I would be the 56th swimmer to start. This made for a fun swim as I had to navigate swimmers and even passed as many as 3 swimmers on some lengths. In the end, I tap the final wall at 4:48 but somehow when results were posted I had the 4th fastest swim. 

The run from the pool to the bike was at least 200 yards and my transition was 2:02.

The15 mile bike was basically flat for the first 8 miles with hills over the next 5 miles with a 2 mile downhill to flat return to transition. Once on the bike my mindset was on hammering and seeing how much ground on could make up on those that started well before me. I also knew in the back of my mind that starting 18 minutes after the 1st person, catching everybody would be impossible but it would not hurt to try! I finished the 15.3 mile ride in 40:09 or 22.9 mph.

The actual 5K run started at the pool area so my transition time was 1:45.

Once again, not knowing exactly where everybody was I just ran steady off the bike. About a half mile into the run I passed the 1st returning triathlete who started well before me. In my head, I kept trying to figure out how much in front of me and how much time I needed to make up to beat him. While still trying to figure this out, my focus was running down people and passing them all the way to line. In the end, I covered the 3.1 mile in 21:07 or 6:48 per mile. The run was an out and back course with a few small climbs. While I may not have felt fast on the run, I felt incredibly strong and steady given all my training for Ironman Lake Placid.

Total time 1:09:53.96

1st Place Overall

Now back to Ironman Lake Placid Training!

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