Baucco Squad


First race since IMTX. I haven't done a whole lot since than. But I guess just enough to come by. I wasn't gonna do this race, since I'm not particular fond of the course (8 laps of 5k on the bike and 4laps of 2.5k on the run), but I just needed a race to keep things interesting. Swim was surprisingly good. Not having swum in the last month, I still managed to avg 2:00min /100m for a time of 32:17 As I said before the bike course is a bit boring with 8 laps, with 2 u-turns, and 2 speed bumps on every lap. My power output was just a bit below of what I wanted it to be. but still feeling good. I knew I had a good run in me, at least so I thought. Within the first few 100m of the run I could sense something was off. My calf was hurting, and not because of cramps. I've had my shares of cramps over the years, I know what it feels like. This was downright painful. I started walking to see if it would go away, and it did. However as soon as I began to run the pain would come back. Upon completing the first lap on the run, (2.5K) I decided the pain just wasn't worth it, and stopped. My first DNF in triathlon ever. And only the 2nd time overall in my endurance career, but I think it was the right decision.

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