Portage Lakes

Swim 14:33 T1 2:53 Bike 56:09 T2 2:20 Run 24:30

     This was only my second triathlon so I don't have much to compare it to...  I arrived way too early seeing parking was a breeze and so was transition setup.. compared to Cleveland haha.  I was feeling intimidated because of the weather.  Not the fact that it was raining but I HATE the cold.  I was mostly worried about the bike because I knew coming off the swim and then riding at fast speeds would really chill me.  I had also never raced in a wetsuit before and getting that thing off is a CHORE!  I hadn't thought of bringing an extra pair of running shoes either since I stayed the night in Akron.  All that considered, I did not do a warm-up... I know myself well enough to know it was best for me personally to just try to stay as warm and dry as long as I could, otherwise I'd be risking hypothermia.

     So the swim went better than I anticipated.  Meaning the water was actually warmer than the air, so warmer than I thought.  With a warn-up I could've prob swam faster, but I didn't know what I didn't know.  Easier to sight than in Cleveland where they had black buoys.  

   T1 was a challenge.  Getting my suit off always frustrates me, and my hands were numb so putting on my shoes was difficult.  Was sooooo happy I decided to leave a sweatshirt in my transition bag  and a handwarmer in my bike bag.  Honestly not sure I couldve fisnished the race biking in just shorts and a singlet.

     The bike was hillier than expected but a pleasant course.   The trend seemed to be me passing everyone on the uphill and them passing me on the downhills.  Haven't yet mastered the downhill.  Usually I will gear up and pedal but I mostly coasted them because the slippery concrete kinda terrified me haha.  

     T2 - my fatal mistake was not tying my shoes tighter since I didn't wear socks.  I slipped them on and then had to untie and retie with numb fingers.  

     The run was a pleasant course... I started out feeling pretty strong but I think the hilly bike course caught up with my legs and after 2 miles my legs just didn't want to kick it into high gear.  My goal time was 22:30 and I was exactly 2 minutes slower.  

     I was third in my age group, however if they would have listed girl 2's T2 time, it would have been VERY close.  Counting just R,B,S times, I would have been second.  But that is not how triathlons work, and seeing as my T2 time was slow, and she beat me by something like a minute in T1, I'm sure she prob took me in T2 as well.  But we'll never know:)  Girl 1 was the actual race winner.  Had some gnarley competition!  

     Would def consider doing this race again!  When it was done, I just wanted to get the hell outta there and get warm but I bet it's really fun on a better weather day.


Congrats Amelia!!! That weather was so nasty on Sunday. Way to show up and tough it out.