First Half

This was the most casual I've ever been about entering a road race... Signed up at the expo Friday knowing it was already sold out, worked the night beforehand, and just kind of had in my head this was strictly a tune-up for Ohio 70.3 in July.   Arrived late in the morning and was one of the last people to make it out of the porta potty lines before the start... everyone had already taken off!  So I spent the first two or three miles zigzagging through the back of the pack which meant I went out too fast but the adrenaline had me feeling good initially!  In fact I felt good until I reached the first hill - yes, despite claiming to be flat and fast there were def some hills!  After that I just kinda tried to hang on.  I had planned beforehand that I was gonna stop at every water station, which is also a first for me, so I did that and I do believe that helped because it really did get hot.  I've run the full here before and when the separation occurred I was so thankful I was doing the half instead.  I really enjoyed the half course too, compared to the full... when you get out to the suburbs it gets pretty boring, but I enjoyed every minute of this.  Overall I'm pleased with the results being that my longest run has only been 10 miles and max weekly distance has only been 20.  I'd prob be doing at least 40 weekly if I was strictly running.  So a positive was nailing my hydration and a negative was going out too fast but I had a great time and I'm super psyched that race season is here!!

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