Baucco Squad

Bear Sprint Tri

May 24, 2019 -

 On May 19th I returned to the spot of my first triathlon, a year ago, at Lums Pond in Bear Delaware.  I was racing the sprint distance at the Bear triathlon.  I had one goal which was to beat my time from last year.  But if I'm keeping it real I was hoping to place in my AG, after 25 years of competitive sports it's not in my DNA not to try and win.  Given how tired/sore my legs/arms/ back everything feel from training for my first full I really didn't know how things were going to go. 


Got to the race site around 6:15am, transition closed at 6:45am.  No issues with checking in and everything was straight with my gear. I did forgot my race belt after triple checking my list....better then my helmet. 


The weather was pretty much ideal at race start.  It was hot and humid that day but my swim wave started at 740ish so I didn't really have to worry too much about the conditions. 


The water temp was wet suit legal, 68 ish, and the water was calm.  Swimming is my weakest of the three disciplines, as I really only started when I started triathlons a year ago.  I was hoping all those drills in the pool for the last 6 months were going to pay off.  The swim start was not crazy, certainly nothing like an IM.  I had no issues sighting and was able to hold close to the buoys.  When I got out in under 25 minutes (1200+ yards), and my watch said 1:55 pace I was ecstatic! I have never swam in OW with under a 2:00 minute so this was a major victory. 


Transition was fast with no problems, under 90 seconds.  Then I got to start my favorite of the three sports, my bike.  The course was short (10 miles), fast and flat and I was aiming for 30 minutes or under.  I didn't really need nutrition but this was a good test run since it was a little warmer.  I took a little bit of salt twice and made sure I drank enough, but not too much (I have a tendency to down fluids and give myself washing machine gut). I hit my goal no problem, averaging 20.5 mph.


Transition again was fast and under 90 seconds.  My legs kicked in within the first 2 minutes, I run way better off the bike these days anyway.  It was starting to get hot so I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible.  I stopped for hydration at mile 1 and made it quick. The run course was also flat and fast and I was able to finish at an 8:26 minute mile. 


My time goal was to finish in under 90 minutes.  Official time was 1:24:35.  I destroyed my time from last year by 23 minutes, and I couldn't have been more happy!  The bike course was a little shorter so I focused on each of three disciplines to see how much time I was about to cut from last year. My swim went 2:34 to 1:55, Bike 18.3 to 20.5 mph and run went from 9:10 pace to 8:26 minute mile. 


This ended up getting me 1st in my AG and 6th overall! What's even better is racing with my teammates and seeing them crush goals too.  This was my first repeat race and I'll be back again trying to cut even more time.  Always looking to do better and be better!


Boom ! Way to go !!