First competitive sprint

This was the first race I actually pushed myself rather than just aiming to finish. Overall everything went well. I finished 3rd in my age group and 21st overall.

 What a great day for a race! The weather was perfect and what a great crew organizing and volunteering today. Working with my coach Jen, we had set some pretty good goals. I was planning on pushing as hard as I could maintain throughout the bike and run all while keeping calm during the swim.

The swim 750 m in 17:45: This went pretty well. Usually I get panicky and have to pull off to the side to let my heart rate come down. Today I just kept reminding myself how much work I had put in in the pool and this should be a cake walk. I had a pretty strong start, and noticed on my way to the first buoy that my sighting has greatly improved from last season. Yay! I got in a really nice groove on the backside of the course and focused on keeping my body flat and balanced with long strokes. It felt like forever getting to the last buoy!

T1 2:33. Who doesn't love an uphill run from the beach to transition? I probably should have taken more time to work on getting drier. I was still sopping wet trying to get my bike gear on. Also, I forgot to grab some nutrition, but did bring it on the bike.

Bike 13 mi in 49:35. The bike is definitely my weakest discipline. This was a nice rolling hills course, and I guess I need to work on hills more. The ride out over the dam was nice. However, I had gotten caught up with someone in my age group and really wanted to pass her. Lol. I succeeded and trucked the last 3 miles back to transition.

T2 1:26. I don't remember much of this, so it must have gone well

Run 3.1 mi in 25:09. I was fastest in my age group in the run. This was an out and back with the route out being uphill. I enjoyed that, because once I crested the hill and turned around I new I could just truck it back down hill.

What a great race! I ended up 3rd in my age group and 21st overall. I'm very happy with that!

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